Nov 1, 2014

Joseph Coward – The World Famous Joseph Coward (2014)

Joseph Coward is keenly positioned to make his mark in 2014. Moving in the same circles as Charlie Boyer and Toy, and with a couple of impressive 7” single releases behind him on the O Genesis label, he has a number of cool shows coming up, including an appearance at East End Live supporting The Monochrome Set and is currently touting a single on Blank Editions. Not bad for a 21 year old. It’s fair to say he will be gracing the pages of many hipster mags and playlists over the coming months.
His take on atmospheric post punk casts chiming shadows through an Echo & The Bunnymen shaped prism of multi-layered guitars and low-fi loops to impressive effect. With a voice reminiscent of obscure late 80’s indie troubadour Bill Pritchard, fragile yet attractive, he also channels the sound of Smiths-era underground British guitar pop, whilst an unfussy backbeat breaks the song up and down with weary panache.

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