Oct 28, 2014

Menace Ruine – Venus Armata (2014)

Soften evil in our hearts, oh mother of kindness…”
The duo that comprise MENACE RUINE (S. De La Moth and Genevieve) have been known to create some of the most alluring and mesmerizing music within the experimental/ambient/noise scene by seamlessly mixing elements from industrial music, classic goth and darkwave, martial ambient, noise, black metal, and neo-folk into a wondrous sonic amalgam that puts them within a realm all unto their own.

With “Venus Armata”, MENACE RUINE continue to expand their sonic canvas even further by creating their most intriguing and stunning album to date. With Genevieve’s spellbinding voice becoming even more of a focus this time, “Venus Armata” focuses more on a sense of melancholy and longing through its overbearing wall of pulsating layers of sound and synth heavy noise. It is through said blueprint that is forged that helps the duo to create their sense of song structure and movement.

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