Sep 26, 2015

RA – Scandinavia (2015)

The past few years, 2014 especially, saw the renewal and reinvention of the post punk genre.
The reunions of bands like the Pop Group and the creativity of newcomers like Psychic Teens have paved the way for plenty of new blood. One might expect a genre facing such a renaissance to quickly become over-saturated, and while the jury is still out on whether that will happen, it doesn’t seem to have happened yet. Swedish punk group RA, who describe their sound as “nordic-noir,” may be one of many bands taking on the style, but their debut full length Scandinavia still manages to make a splash.
RA’s brand of punk is dark, it’s weird, and disjointed, which is exactly what post punk bands should be aiming for if they want to stand out. 

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