Sep 11, 2015

Grimm Grimm – Hazy Eyes Maybe (2015)

Innocence feels like a rare quality in music these days. Guitar music, can often feel far too susceptible to well-worn cliches and a sort of absurdly backward looking nostalgia. Perhaps his aversion to this is why Koichi Yamanoha’s debut LP as Grimm Grimm, Hazy Eyes Maybe, feels so refreshing. Take the endearing pots and pans percussion of ‘Kazega Fuitara Sayonara’ or the battered space echoes and sleepwalk lyrics of the title track – Yamanoha tailors the boundaries of genre according his own vision.
Originally hailing from Japan and formerly performing as frontman of cult psychedelic-punk group Screaming Tea Party, Grimm Grimm is Yamanoha’s outlet to explore an abstracted, reverb drenched approach 

to the singer-songwriter format.


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