Sep 8, 2010

Cloundland Canyon - Fin Eaves

Kip and Kelly Ulhorn’s mystic, kosmische-inspired Cloudland Canyon project returns for a third long-player, this time taking emphasis away from the krautrock-isms explored on prior works and creating a kind of psych-drone friendly strain of dream-pop. This new approach takes Cloudland Canyon to a whole other level. Fin Eaves is nine tracks of extensively dense, thoroughly weird, psychedelic noise.

From the get-go you can hear something special brewing: ‘No One Else Around’ serves up a wall-of-noise production that could be a collaboration between Kevin Shields and Jesu, while ‘Gracious Hearts’ strips away some of the distortion for a spell of zinging analogue synths, peaktime 4AD soundscaping, and some oddly satisfying tombourine. ‘Mothlight Pt. 2′ might be the most explosive thing here, spouting combustive streams of pop hooks and fuzz right in the middle of the album. Previously, you might never have thought of Cloudland Canyon as a band that could have singles in the conventional sense, yet here’s a prime candidate. Fin Eaves is a mightily impressive creative curveball from this lot, and comes highly recommended.


1 No One Else Around add
2 Fin Eaves add
3 Sister add
4 Gracious Hearts add
5 Mothlight Pt.2 add
6 Pinklike add
7 Hope Sounds Dry add
8 Yellow Echoezs add
9 Mothlight Pt.2 (reprise)
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