Jan 23, 2017

PIANO MAGIC - Closure (2017)

'Closure,' out Jan 20th 2017 on Second Language Music.

Piano Magic’s final album, ‘Closure,’ will be formally released by Second Language Music.
Recorded in London between April and August of 2016, ‘Closure,’ features guest appearances from Peter Milton Walsh of The Apartments, Audrey Riley (go-to cellist for The Go-Betweens, Nick Cave, Virginia Astley and many more), Josh Hight (Irons) and Oliver Cherer (Dollboy). For this final album, the nucleus of Piano Magic was Glen Johnson, Jerome Tcherneyan, Franck Alba, Alasdair Steer and Paul Tornbohm.

“The group’s final album ranks with their best” 4 stars – Mojo
“….recalls the art-rock of 4AD acts such as Pale Saints…There’s also Go-Betweens-style melancholy…intricate guitar lines recall Television’s…”  8/10 – Uncut
“Smooth, finely crafted and very songwriterly affair (with echoes of Talk Talk, The Auteurs and Roy Harper)”The Wire
“Closure is undoubtedly a reliably contrarian, brutally honest and uncompromisingly human album for a great band to – at least try – calling it quits on.” – Delusions Of Adequacy
“…as fitting endings go, it’s absolutely the kittens’ whiskers.” – Terrascope
“These masters of dark wave have certainly left an indelible mark”- 4 stars – Songwriting Magazine
“Their final album finds them in rude artistic health. If you want to know what you’ve missed, Closure provides an excellent hint.” Shindig!


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