Dec 14, 2015

John Renbourn – The Attic Tapes (2015)

Like many of his peers who first came to fame with the British folk music revival of the ’60s, the sorely-missed John Renbourn’s legacy casts a long shadow over much of what came thereafter. Arguably best known for his contributions to Pentangle and his duo work with the late Bert Jansch, he was nevertheless remarkably eclectic in his other choices of collaborators, who were as likely to be from a jazz, world, R&B or early (medieval and renaissance) classical background as folk. None of this ever stopped him working as a solo artist and The Attic Tapes, the recently-released compilation of some of John’s early recordings (both solo and collaboratively) represents, in his own words, “what was happening to me at the time and a reflection of the general scene”.


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