Jul 23, 2015

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – See the Fire: Albums, Singles and BBC Recordings 1982-1987 (2015)

A band that mixed the stark, stern pulse of Joy Division with a Stranglers-styled gut punch, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry’s discography has experienced an embarrassment of riches since about 2002, with one excellent compilation after another appearing. This three-disc set is another winner, and while it’s fatter than most other sets and ignores the band’s later years on RCA, the contents are still quite desirable.
Disc one features the band’s 1985 album Talk About the Weather while disc two features 1986’s Paint Your Wagon, both discs rounded out by singles and B-sides. Disc three includes the band’s sessions for BBC radio from 1983-1984, plus the physical release comes with a booklet filled with essays and reproductions of artwork…


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