Jun 17, 2015

Hypnodrone Ensemble – The Shape of Space (2015)

Hypnodrone Ensemble was birthed early last year when Canadian experimental / ambient guitarists Aidan Baker (Nadja, Caudal) and Eric Quach (Thisquietarmy) recruited a trio of drummers in the form of David Dunnett, Jeremie Mortier and Felipe Salazar to accompany them for a live performance at Berlin’s NK venue.
The resulting recording of the show then went on to become the band’s debut self-titled album on Consouling Sounds. Just a few months on, ‘The Shape Of Space’ offers up a speedy follow-up, basing itself around just two tracks that each stretch past the 20 minute mark, apparently whittled down from several hours of studio recordings and featuring new recruit Gareth Sweeney on bass.

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