Apr 18, 2015

Ilyas Ahmed – I Am All Your Own (2015)

For a decade, the songs of peripatetic guitarist and singer Ilyas Ahmed have been mistaken for atmospheres. Recorded in a cloud of echo and shrouded by the distortion endemic to lo-fi equipment, Ahmed’s pieces used to feel distant, transmitted from some faraway plane and warped en route. Though “Black Midas”, from his excellent 2005 debut, was a gorgeous duet for piano and guitar, the recording added enough ghostly essence for the result to imply witchcraft. At its core, “Stained Sky”, from his 2012 debut for Immune Recordings, was a chugging power ballad, but with the chords overloading the microphone and Ahmed’s voice interred by static, it became otherworldly, less a hit than a haze.

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