Feb 3, 2015

Motorama – Poverty (2015)

Prior to their second full-length Calendar (2012), Motorama was a wonderfully kept secret. From the port city of Rostov-On-Don, deep in the heart of southern Russia, the band was producing a Manchester-inspired cold wave, icy and hypnotic.
With 2 albums, few self-released EP’s and 2 brilliant singles already in their bag, the band is preparing to put out their third album, entitled Poverty, this month. Motorama’s gloomy output, heavily under the influence of Joy Division’s records,  marries Interpol’s motorik basslines with vampiric delivery in flawless English by the band’s singer, Vladislav Parshin. Their songs carry a heavy load of melancholic beauty and melodies strong enough to make feel the need to hum along.


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