Jan 26, 2015

Silver Servants – Silver Servants (2014)

The collection of artists that have made up the Second Language roster since the label’s inception in 2009 have never shied away from collaboration or exploring shared ideas, whether it be through a myriad of themed compilations or via the direct intermingling of musicians across separate albums.  This new – but long-in-the-works – project takes such creative collectivism another step further, into deeper and broader integration, with a Second Language ‘super-group’ trading under the name of Silver Servants.
Originally hatched out of semi-improvised sessions from 2010 and 2012 in London’s Soup Studios before finally being nipped and tucked into place earlier this year by co-producers Glen Johnson (Piano Magic) and Oliver Cherer (Dollboy), this eponymous Silver Servants set is a kaleidoscopic yet cohesive collection of songs and instrumentals.

Throughout its running time, the LP takes and reshuffles shared obsessions for ornithology, antiquarian English eccentricity, cosmopolitan European urbanism, rural pyschogeography, sociability and solitude.  With an extensive roll-call of singers and players too numerous individually detail, the album sways and shimmers between an array of musical styles and personnel combinations.
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